Who Am I?

Seriously, who am I?

Am I am florist? I manage a flower shop and buy the flowers.

Am I am parent? I have 4 fur-babies who need lots of attention.

Am I a book reader? I have read 14 books last year, and so far 8 this year.

Am I a hiker? I walk 2-3 times a week in the woods and carry a backpack.

Am I a photographer? I own 4 cameras (1 digital, 3 film) and a phone.

I start to think that just because you do things, doesn’t mean you are things and just because you are something, doesn’t mean you have to do it all the time. My sister and probably everyone else I know thinks I have too many hobbies. I want to do a lot of things. I want to experience so many things. I want to be someone. I want to be the best at something.

Yet…I have hobbies I never do. I don’t do the things I want to do. I don’t experience all that much. I am not someone in this world. I am not the best at anything. And that is okay because my hobbies will be there when I want them there. I do things in moderation. I get to experience some stuff. I am someone to the people who matter most. And I am good at a lot of things.

I purchased my first camera at a pawn shop when I was just starting high school. I loved to take pictures. I would take my film to the 1 Hour Photo close to my house. The machine faced the outside window, so I would stand there and watch my pictures come to life. There was a long feeding machine where all my photos were on one sheet and they would cut at the bottom and drop into a little bin. I didn’t care about standing there for an hour. It was cool to see your photos come out.

That’s all gone. 1 Hour photo stores don’t exist anymore. Hell, no one even has photo albums anymore of their kids. They don’t need them because it’s all on their phone or Facebook. One day, just like 1 Hour Photos, Facebook will go away. All the memories will drift away because people are no longer attached to something, they are attached to nothing (a cyberworld of nothing).

I am in this world now. A digital world where we don’t need stuff. We don’t need a physical photograph to sit in a drawer or a book. Today, I am like the rest of the world. Instant gratification. The need to share something immediately with everyone I know, in hopes of someone giving me a “like”, a “comment”, or even better a “share”. Because if I get one, I did a good job. If I get a lot, then I must be awesome.

I no longer want to be that person. Funny because isn’t that what blogging is about? Getting views, and hits, and likes, and shares? I agree with this. But I recently found a Facebook page of a guy who posts his collection of Disney vinyl records. He has 22 members in his group. He gets no likes, no shares, and no one comments. Yet, he posts regularly 2-3 times a week on his new purchases. I want to be that guy. A guy who sticks to his hobby because he likes it, not because he is wanting a participation award for playing on the internet.

I am trying to not need stuff even though I am a collector by nature. I love physical media. I love records, books, film, DVDs, etc. I love connecting with things physically, not digitally. I hate streaming, I hate digital cameras, I hate Kindles, I hate not being able to touch things, and own things, and connecting with things. I want to get back to a world where you slow down and experience things again. I don’t want 16GB of trash photos from my vacation to Mexico, I want 24 or 36 great shots that took a week to capture. I want to wait a week or two to even know if I got those 24 to 36 photos, but I also want to share them digitally with those who matter most in my world (near and far). And if they give it a LIKE well, good for them. Thank you.