Disney World In The Fall in 2009

This trip to Walt Disney World brought us to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Our hotel room overlooked the veranda with the animals. What an amazing view we were given.

This photo above was taken at Animal Kingdom Park as we waited for the park to open. The morning light came through the trees and created this very bright display.

For this trip, I used the Canon SX110 IS. Before I knew much about digital, I knew my SD card could hold a lot of photos. I thought to maximize the cards potential I would use a smaller output. All the photos we 180DPI with a pixel size of 800 x 600. Going through the photos years later, I realized how much detail you lose in your photos. Half the time, it felt like the photos were blurry.

I spent time in Lightroom just enhancing colors, adjusting contrasts and giving the photos and overall pleasing look.

The giraffe below was one of the animals I saw from our hotel balcony.

Disney World in the fall brings a lot of new decorations. Pumpkins are seen around the park.

This photo above was heavily edited by using a pre-set for a “bad weather” look. I think it got the effect.

Below, I attempted a “vintage” look on the space-aged Tomorrowland. On a personal level, this was a really horrible trip, but we did see a lot of cool things. These are just a few of the photos taken. My original photo count was about 750 photos. I narrowed it down to the best 75 photos.

Author: Jenny Morgan

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