Luling, Texas

LOCATION: Luling, Texas
WHEN: September 6, 2015
CAMERA(S): Canon EOS Rebel T3 and Canon PowerShot G16
FORMAT: Digital

Taken in Luling, TX while walking the town and taking photos of the life that is going on around me. Most of the stores on the town’s main street are empty; closed down with small items left behind to show the life that was once there. Inside one of the windows was a lonely puppy staring out the display windows, looking at a life that he longs for. Freedom, a forever home, an owner. Instead he sit there fading away in the window’s sun.
This photo was taken during our exploration of the small town of Luling, Texas. It is like the town that time forgot. Most of the stores on the main street have been abandoned and are no longer open but remains of what was still lurk around. This town doesn’t still operate with a really good BBQ joint on the main street.

Author: Jenny Morgan

Photographer, hiker, flower buyer, cat wrangler, and Latin music lover.

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