Roll 6: Canon A-1 – Ilford HP5 Plus 400 B&W

This roll of film was taken with my Canon A-1 with a prime 50mm Canon lens. It was the only camera I took on the road trip up to Michigan though my wife took her Canon PowerShot G16. I think I went through four rolls of film, some of which was color. This roll here is Ilford HP5 400 Black and White. As with all the rolls, I am posting them without any edits or clean up in Lightroom for the 35mm film on this website. My goal is the improve my photography, learn how to work in manual mode, and get better. Anyone can take a photo and clean it up in Lightroom or Photoshop. I’m going 100% unedited for these roll posts.

This entire roll was shot in Marquette, Michigan at Presque Isle Park and that body of water is Lake Superior. The wind was blowing, the weather was overcast and on the cooler side. At least for me it was being from Houston, Texas.

The area was very beautiful, the rocky cliffs with the green trees growing from the rocks. The water from the lake had small waves brushed up against the rocks. It was very serene out there. It was a real nice place to hang out and read a book. We went you there in June of 2015 for a funeral and spent some time visiting the area. My wife grew up in Marquette so it was nice to see the areas like this where she played as a child.

Below is my wife and her niece, Skylar. I had only know Skylar for a day at this point but she was willing to hang out with two “old” people just driving around in a car. Maybe she thought we were cool at that point, then she got to know us… We are not cool at all. Boring old almost grandmas. LOL

I love boats. I am fascinated with their looks. While the Marina was small, it was filled with lots of boats. One day, I would love to own a boat. #retirementgoals

Again, photos like this one below need to be taken a little more slowly so I can get my horizons straight. I am crocked a lot of the time. In Lightroom, there is a tool that can help line it all of it up. That’s cheating.

Due to the hazy day and bright white skyline, the lighthouse out off of the rock-made pier got washed out. I tried to walk out to the lighthouse but I was too chicken.

And the final photo is nothing special. Just the horizon with something in the distance. I think there are a couple of decent shots in the mix but I still feel my black and white photography lacks emotion. I don’t think it is my emotion it lacks, it just doesn’t feel alive. Again, comments are welcome. Thanks!

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