Roll 8: Canon A-1 – Fuji Neopan 100 Acros B&W

Welcome to another roll of 35mm fun. This roll was taken June 23rd in 2015 in Norway, Michigan. My wife and I took a road trip up for a funeral service and we spent some time there. I took my Canon A-1 with me for the ride. The first few photos on the roll were taken at the cemetery where the service was taking place.

I also took a roll of color film, which I will post later. Below are actual photos from the funeral service. I tried to be discreet as possible of taking photos during the service itself without being “weird.”

After the funeral service, we then explored the surrounding area. In Norway, Michigan they have a natural spring waterfall on the side of the road. We stopped to drink from the falls, which is something that is apparently normal. Maybe people came by to fill up water jugs with this spring water.

On every road that comes into town, there is a Viking ship that lets you know you are in Norway. We stopped so I could get a photo of the Viking ship.

Below is Big John. This area was known for their iron. They had mine and caves where workers dug for iron and had to mine it. Big John stands outside one of the largest iron mines in the area. They give tours of under ground of the working mines.

Since I wanted to do all the tourist things, we took a tour of the iron mine.

The next set of photos are ones that did not come out. I was trying to use long exposures inside the mine shaft. It did not work.

And now we visited the town of Iron Mountain, Michigan. This is a little mountain skiing town just north of Norway.

Because we came during the summer, all the snow was melted. We drove up to the tops of ski ramps and took photos of the unused ski lifts that were closed for the summer. Interesting enough, there were no gates or fences keeping people off the equipment. I have never been this close to a ski lift in my life. It was pretty cool.

And this roll’s final shot is of… A TREE! *CLAP CLAP CLAP*. I think this roll had a lot of personality with the funeral, tourist attractions, nature, and landscapes. Can’t wait to take more rolls of film with different cameras. More to come.

Author: Jenny Morgan

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