Roll 7: Canon A-1 – Kodak Gold 200

My first color roll on my Canon A-1 was taken in Michigan in the cities of Marquette and Norway. And to start off, let me just say I was not taking a picture of Skylar’s butt. Seriously. One of the things you do when you load a new roll of film is to shoot off two shots to advance the film past any exposure to light while loading the roll. I just had the camera off to the side and snap off two shots, one right after another. Seriously.

The photos are of Presque Island in Upper Michigan in the city of Marquette. This is where my wife grew up. It was cold and breezy, but very pretty.

I have continued to say for years now that I love black and white photography and for the most part, I do. I guess I just don’t like mine. As I sit and analyze the rolls of film that have come before this one, all black and white, I have struggled to find love for my photos. With this roll, I really do remember the colors, the feeling, the cold of the day… I feel the photo. Maybe it is because of the color. I guess I am more a fan of color photography than black and white. And I think I am okay with this.

This area was so beautiful, I could sit outside and look at this all day long.

This is the city of Marquette. My wife says it has not changed at all since she’s lived there.

We arrived at the cemetery where my wife’s grandmother was being buried. This was the whole reason to go up to Michigan.

And the final shot of this roll was the actual grave for my wife’s grandmother. I never had the opportunity to meet her before she passed. Interesting fact is that because of climate and frozen ground, they don’t do burials in the winter. As you can see, she passed away on Jan 10th but the service wasn’t until June.

So there is my first roll of color film with my Canon A-1. I really do think I like color film better than black and white.

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