Roll 9: Canon A-1 – Kodak Gold 200 (Michigan, Wisconsin & Chicago)

Welcome to roll number 9 of the first ten rolls taken on my Canon A-1. This roll is another color 35mm set using Kodak 200 Gold film. As always, the photos are posted straight from the negatives and have not been altered by Lightroom and/or Photoshop. These were taken on my roadtrip that took us from Houston up to Michigan and back down via Wisconsin and Chicago.

The first section is from Michigan. This is Iron Mountain which is a ski town. This is looking down over the valley, which would be covered in snow normally. We came during the month of June when the snow is gone.

We drove to the top of the mountain where the ski lifts are. There are no gates or fences around this area, so we could get super close to the lifts. My Canon uses a 50mm prime lens. For those who do not know what that means, the 50mm is the length of the sight the camera sees. 50mm is as close to normal eyesight. That is why it is a popular lens. Another popular lens would be a 28mm which would be like adding your peripheral vision to the photo. That is a wide angle lens.

Upon Iron Mountain, they have a ski jump that people could use. Totally cool to see this out in the open like this. We could climb it if we were brave enough.

Coming down from Iron Mountain, we stopped back in Norway, Michigan. This is a small park with a spring creek waterfall. It was here that my wife got bit by a tick.

Next stop on this journey was in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We stop just to visit Lambeau Field for my nephew, who is a big Packers fans. We took a few photos and went into the gift shop to pick up a gift for him.

And finally, we arrived in Chicago. We stopped at Wrigley Field for a game, then spent the night downtown. We were going to spend two days in Chicago, but we were having some car issues that just made the trip no longer fun. We did walk the river and I got to take some photos.

And my final photo is of Trump Tower on this roll. I think overall, I really liked the way the photos came out. The ones from Chicago, I think I just had some bad angles but colors seemed to be good and showed the misty overcast well.

Author: Jenny Morgan

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